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5 Mistakes to avoid in your restaurant job ad

It’s easy to overlook the importance of writing a good job ad.  But, if you want great candidates on interview day, you’ve got to make a great first impression.  Make the following mistakes, and the best applicants will just skip your posting. I have worked in restaurants for fifteen years. Sadly, I’ve skipped over hundreds, […]

5 Weird Things That Makes Your Kitchen Staff Happy

Cooking can be a very stressful job. If you work in a kitchen, you know that the fast pace, the kitchen drama, and the learning curve can drive you around the bend. You will have good days and not-so-good days. And sometimes, you’ve got to grab at your little bits of happiness to turn a […]

The Things That Servers Would Like To Tell Managers Without Getting In Trouble

Have you ever wished you could tell your manager something but you were afraid that you would offend them? Or maybe you’re a manager in a restaurant and you wish you knew what was really on the minds of your staff. We’ve all been on one end or the other. Now, it’s time for the […]

Restaurant Technologies

3 FREE Tools To Manage Social Media For Your Small Business

As a small business restaurant owner or an early-stage entrepreneur, time is at an ultimate premium and there is no discretionary cash to spend on unnecessary technology. So when you do spend even a dollar, it has to be totally worth every penny. In today’s era, the Social Media presence is MANDATORY. But it’s time-consuming […]